February 22

What You Need To Know About Play-To-Earn Games – With Cagyjan

In this episode, we chat with one of the most prolific content creators in the Play-To-Earn gaming space.

Today we’re talking to Cagyjan, an influencer with 70k+ YouTube subscribers and 100K+ Twitter followers. We’re discussing what he loves about the play-to-earn (p2e) space as well as get some advice on how to grow a strong social media following.

Some Topics We Discussed With Cagyjan Include:

  • How Cagy got into play-to-earn gaming
  • How the economics of a p2e game works
  • Why most games have 2 tokens instead of 1
  • Barriers to entry, and why they are great for you
  • Why p2e games are better than tradition games
  • What to look for when picking games to get into
  • How to invest in the p2e gaming space
  • The trick behind Cagy’s YouTube and Twitter success
  • Why Axie Infinity was such a ground-breaking game
  • What upcoming p2e games you should be paying attention to

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