February 15

Flipping NFTs For A Fun And Profitable Side-Business – With Jason Moffatt & Dave Tatera

Today we’re chatting with two great friends of ours from the digital marketing world who have also pivoted a bit into the world of NFTs and Crypto.

We’re going down the rabbit-hole with Jason Moffatt and Dave Tatera about everything NFTs.

They recently launched a new course all around NFTs and Hustle and Flowchart listeners are some of the first people to get access.

Check out the episode and then dive even deeper into NFTs with their NFT Profits course.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How they were “printing money” using BitClout
  • How to bet on the success of online personalities
  • The catalyst for going down the rabbit-hole
  • Tips to avoid getting scammed in the NFT markets
  • An explanation of “rug pulls” and how to spot them
  • How to pick winning NFT projects
  • The 3 entry points to look for on NFTs
  • Should you invest in undoxxed creators?
  • How to decide whether to hold or flip an NFT
  • How to check the floor prices on all your NFTs
  • The new digital businesses of the Metaverse
  • Exploring non-Ethereum chains for NFTs
  • Planning your exit strategy before purchasing
  • The course that breaks it ALL down for you

References and Links Mentioned:

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