July 5

Game Breakdown: Life Beyond

We're doing another game breakdown! This time with the founder of Life Beyond, Ben Charbit.

Life Beyond is one of the first open metaverse style games where the gamers create the economy.

You don't have to be the hero, running off into battle… You can be the farmer or the butcher or some other member of a function society and earn real in-game incomes (that can be swapped out for real-world dollars).

This concept of the open economy Metaverse is one that really really excites us!

We'd love to hear your thoughts about this one over in the community Discord.

Join us for free at hardfork.gg/discord!

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • An explanation of Life Beyond
  • What it means to make an open metaverse
  • Why Darewise doesn't want to sell you games
  • How Animoca Brands works with Darewise Studios
  • The story behind the Animoca acquisition
  • The problems with “Play-To-Earn”
  • How to get into the early alpha test of Life Beyond
  • How to win part of a $1 million prize
  • And much more!

References and Links Mentioned:

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