March 22

Game Breakdown: Psyker

In this episode, we’re doing our first “game breakdown.”

From time-to-time, we’re going to bring on the teams behind some of the games that we’re most excited about in the blockchain-gaming space. We’ll be breaking down the team behind the game, the tokenomics of the game, how the gameplay works, how people can make money or earn NFTs by playing, and how you can get involved in the NFT and token sales so that you can potentially capitalize on the growth of these games as well.

Today’s game breakdown is Psyker. Psyker is a fighting game, similar to Tekken, with a cyberpunk theme. Players can customize and upgrade their fighters with NFTs and battle other players head-to-head. Players can also play against the computer in player-vs-environment (PVE) scenarios… And that’s just scratching the surface of this unique and innovative game in the blockchain-gaming space.

Some Topics We Discussed With Psyker Include:

  • The team behind Psyker and how they got started
  • A deep-dive breakdown of the gameplay
  • How people can earn money through playing Psyker
  • How the play-to-earn mechanics are different
  • The utility of the various in-game NFTs
  • How hideouts (land) work in Psyker
  • The timeline for release of the game
  • How you can invest and get involved yourself
  • The Psyker team’s favorite upcoming game

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