November 21

Hard Fork Magazine – 11/21/22 – Steal Our Hard Drive

Happy early Valentine's Day everyone. We choo-choo-Choose you. This week we're changing things up with the format a bit. It's our goal to turn this weekly magazine into something that looks and feels like a real magazine. Getting the content out of your inbox and onto the website helps us get a little bit closer. 

Letter From Mr. eflow

It's been a tough few months and an even tougher past few weeks. The markets have been crazy and talks of a recession continue to loom. Yet, we continue to be more excited by the day. The advancements that are happening in the gaming space, as well as in tech like AI, VR and AR have us really feeling optimistic about the future. It may be a scary place to trade coins right now but, it's the absolute best time to immerse yourself in the space, learn about what's being built, dabble with the new tools that are constantly becoming available, and positioning yourself for the inevitable moment that all of this stuff goes mainstream!

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Hard Forkin' Announcements

Get Access To The Hard Fork Hard Drive!

We're building out the ultimate resource for tech and gaming nerds like us! This week, we're unveiling The Hard Fork Hard Drive! "What is the Hard Fork Hard Drive?" you ask... Great question! It's the ultimate database of software, hardware, games, and people to follow. It's built directly into Google Sheets, so it's in a format that everyone's familiar with, and it will give you quick access to links to all of the resources you might hear us talk about on the show (and some that we don't talk about).

"But Hard Fork guys, how do I get access to this?" It's simple! Just make sure you're signed up to our email list to get these newsletters delivered to your inbox and we'll hook you up with access to the Hard Drive. You can sign up on Twitter, on the homepage, or, if you're really lazy, right here...

New Content Release Schedule

Starting this week, we'll be doing our livestreams every Friday at 11am Pacific time. We'll be releasing new videos every single day on YouTube and Twitter. The goal is to keep you in the loop every single day with the latest gaming news and alpha, the coolest tech we're playing around with, interviews, gameplay footage, and so much more. Hard Fork will be place you check into daily to quickly get up to date and everything exciting in gaming and tech.

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