May 17

How Gaming Guilds Are Built – With Brendan Wong From Avocado Guild

Ready for a deep-dive into the intricacies of gaming guilds and how they’re built?

Today we’re talking with the founder of the largest gaming guild in the blockchain space.

Brendan Wong is the co-founder of Avocado Guild and he generously unloaded a ton of wisdom on the current state of blockchain-gaming!

Some Topics We Discussed With Brendan Include:

  • What exactly a gaming guild is and does
  • An explanation of the Avocado Guild
  • The wide-range of guild sizes
  • How to start building a guild full of assets
  • How the community is your moat
  • The life-changing impact of guilds
  • Why we are so early in this space
  • “Play-to-earn” vs “Play-AND-earn”
  • The games that currently have the best traction
  • Onboarding new gamers into blockchain
  • Inflation of gaming tokens and how we might solve it
  • The game that’s doing it right at the moment
  • The future of gaming guilds and why most will perish
  • And much more!

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