June 7

How To Make Money With Gaming NFTs

Once again, Joe and I sat down for a chatty chat without any special guests.

We're breaking down the vision for Hard Fork Gaming, giving behind-the-scenes details of running an epic livestream, and then diving-deep into the power of gaming guilds.

We've talked about gaming guilds with past guests like Peter Ing and Brendan Wong but we've never really taken the time to break it down into the simplest explanation. Hopefully this episode will bring a lot of clarity around the concept and help explain why we're so bullish on the model.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The achievement of our vision with Hard Fork
  • The livestream that will onboard so many to this space
  • Engage-To-Earn and how we're reimagining marketing
  • An easy way to get a free gaming NFT from us
  • Behind the scenes of the epic live event
  • Where the big opportunity lies if you act fast right now
  • Tweaks you'll notice to the podcast
  • The COMPLETE explanation of gaming guilds
  • The similarity between in-game NFTs and real estate
  • The game that started this whole “guild thing”
  • Making money running your own guild
  • Tools that make running a guild super easy
  • The effects on gaming from this current bear market
  • How guilds are improving lives around the world
  • And much more!

References and Links Mentioned:

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