May 3

How Tokenization Changes The World – With Rich Robinson From Animoca

Everything is changing and innovating at breakneck speeds.

And today we have a seasoned entrepreneur and world adventurer who shares his wild stories and where he sees technology and society going.

Rich Robinson is on the show today and he is beyond passionate about Web3 and where gaming is going.

He is the Entrepreneur In Residence for Animoca Brands, the unicorn blockchain technology and investment company worth over $5 billion.

Rich breaks down his experience before Web3 and how he’s blown away everyday with the innovations of this space.

Learn how he navigates this space as an entrepreneur, strategic advisor, and leader of the biggest company in this space.

Some Topics We Discussed With Rich Robinson Include:

  • Wild adventures in traveling the world
  • How China is the biggest story of our lives with technology
  • The high highs and low lows of entrepreneurship (it’s a sick disease!)
  • What the new wave of entrepreneurs getting into blockchain should be aware of
  • Rich’s story of joining Animoca and the wild ride he’s been on since
  • Animoca’s vision of creating an open metaverse where there is ownership throughout
  • The big picture of Web3 gaming, how it’s begun and where it’s going (quick!)
  • How tokenization is going to change everything for businesses and give ownership to many
  • What Animoca looks for when they invest in companies and games
  • How tough it is to run an in-game economy and how it relates to the real world
  • What’s coming up with Animoca Brands
  • And much more!

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