July 19

Hustle & Flowchart Live – Behind The Scenes At Hard Fork

This is the first episode of our new format.

For this one, we went live and discussed what we're up to at Hard Fork Gaming, our big mission, how we're creating so much content right now, and where we plan on taking things.

We also dive into various ways that you can get more involved with Hard Fork Gaming and Hustle & Flowchart.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about this one over in the community Discord.

Join us for free at HardFork.gg/discord

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The bigger vision of Hard Fork Gaming
  • How we're creating tons of content every week
  • The team we're working with to make it happen
  • The team members we're still looking for
  • Alpha behind two free NFT airdrops
  • A playable game that came out early
  • The process we follow to build live shows
  • And much more!

References and Links Mentioned:

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