A Play-To-Earn Gaming Community That Provides Gamers With Playable Assets And Game Creators With Players And Influential Key Opinion Leaders

Hard Fork Media is a collective of Gamers, Content Creators, 
Marketers, And Value-Add Investors.

Our goal is to make play-to-earn gaming accessible to anyone who wants to play as well as to bring attention and capital to games that are innovating in the play-to-earn space.


Some Of The Games We Currently Support


Earn An Income By Playing Video Games

A gaming guild is a community of gamers who work together to accomplish their in-game goals.

At Hard Fork Gaming, we know that play-to-earn gaming can be expensive and difficult to get into for the average gamer. That's why we created this guild. Members can use assets and NFTs owned by the community at no cost and earn a share of the income generated through playing.

In addition to using the guild's assets, gamers will have access to dedicated and skilled managers who understand the best methods to play and earn from these games.


We Are Experienced Marketers, Content Creators And Blockchain Professionals

Hard Fork Gaming was created to solve the #1 problem in the Play-To-Earn space... Marketing. 

Our team is full of content creators, investors, smart marketers, and gamers who have over 65 years of combined experience working online.

We can provide capital, marketing, key opinion leaders, and an army of gamers to your platform in record time.

Play-To-Earn Gaming Solutions

  • Partner with us and we'll bring scholars to your game, ready to play
  • Our KOLs can bring valuable eyeballs and the proper amount of hype
  • We can bring capital to the table while adding value as investors
  • We'll help manage tournaments with broadcast TV quality production

How can we help you?

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