Hard Fork Gaming is a gaming and metaverse focused media network.
We create stories around the best Web3 gaming projects & events.

We started this because we're all obsessed with where Web3 can go and wanted to combine our production + content creator + digital marketing experiences.

We are the "tour guides" in a space that is in its infancy. We're here to support the projects & people of Web3 who are innovating for good and serve as a bridge for new adopters.

Our founding trio has over 40 years of experience in media production, content creation and digital marketing.

We publish daily and focus on bringing high-production, entertainment, and proper due diligence to each piece.

Our daily content model is made of entertaining, well-researched, and concise videos:

Hustle & Flowchart is our podcast of over 5 years and is a top 1% worldwide downloaded show. Interview based show that is our "bridge" for folks into Web3 gaming & metaverse projects.

Per project, we also produce high-production livestream events that support projects on key dates along their roadmap, like NFT mint events, new gameplay release, other large announcements.

We are the megaphone for projects to get information out, we support their communities, and get the word out.

We love to collab with great people, great projects, and those with a long-term vision.

We're in it everyday and want to chat with the right folks. Is that you?

Copyright 2022 - Hard Fork Gaming

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