Congratulations! You're in Line!

We've got your details to receive the car for Revv Racing. We just need to double-check that you're a real person. We do get a lot of bots signing up for these giveaways so the more ways you can prove you're real, the better.

We will be announcing the community members who will receive the first cars inside the Discord first. So make sure you're a member.

Please follow as many of the steps below as you can to help. We will not be giving away free NFTs to bots or individuals trying to game the system.


Subscribe on to Hard Fork Gaming on YouTube. Like and comment on our videos from time to time. We'll be rewarding those who engage the most with NFTs and other tokens and rewards.


Twitter is our secondary hub for information after our email list. We drop contests, giveaways, and short alpha content on Twitter constantly. Be sure to pay attention for more NFTs and goodies!


This will be the hub of the community and where you get to interact and connect with other community members. You can also learn more about NFT giveaways and drops directly from us.


We're brand new to TikTok but we're trying to get things moving there. We'd love your support there. Follow us and engage on our videos from time to time. 

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