March 15

Selling Twitch For $970m And Starting A Web 3 Gaming Company With Justin Kan

In this episode we speak with a legendary founder! Justin Kan started, which eventually became Twitch, and then sold to Amazon for $970 million…

Justin’s gone on to become a successful investor and, most recently, the co-founder of, a platform that helps launch video games on the Solana blockchain.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Justin and chat about, Twitch, plant medicines, Web3, play-to-earn, gaming, his new platform, and much much more.

Some Topics We Discussed With Justin Kan Include:

  • The stories behind and Twitch
  • What is was like to sell Twitch for $970 million
  • Justin’s Ayahuasca journey
  • Why Web3 is bigger than the gaming industry before it
  • The reason behind the creation of
  • How they vet out the best blockchain games
  • Why they sell Fractal NFTs
  • The upcoming game that Justin’s most excited about

References and Links Mentioned:

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