November 23

The Many Uses of NFTs for Creators – With Gary Henderson

In this one, we’re talking with Gary Henderson all about how to really leverage the power of community. Specifically, we’re talking about how to grow a community around coins and NFTs.

Gary even explains in this episode how to get a free NFT! So, if you’re new to NFTs, you could follow Gary’s instructions and have your first one on its way!

Some Topics We Discussed With Gary Henderson Include:

  • How we got into NFTs in the first place
  • How creator coins work and why you’d want one
  • How to invest in creator coins
  • How to earn passive income off of creator coins
  • How to create your own coin for your community
  • How to properly launch an NFT and create a buying frenzy
  • Why and how to incentivize holding onto your coin or NFT
  • A better alternative to affiliate marketing
  • How to use crypto to get anyone you want onto a podcast
  • What to watch out for when using Discord communities
  • How to get a free NFT from Gary
  • The NFT projects that Gary’s most excited about right now

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