April 5

What Goes Into Launching 10,000 NFTs At Once – With Ivan Santana of West Coast NFT

In this episode we chat with a good buddy of Joe. They go way back to the college days.

Ivan Santana is one of the head guys over at West Coast NFT, a company that helps launch generative NFT projects with up to 10,000 unique images.

These projects are quite the undertaking. So we sat down with Ivan to break down exactly what goes into this type of launch.

Some Topics We Discussed With Ivan Santana Include:

  • The current state of the NFT market
  • The most important aspects of a successful NFT launch
  • The role that community plays in NFT projects
  • How 10,000 unique images are generated
  • How to approach investing in NFTs
  • What projects you should be paying attention to

References and Links Mentioned:

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