April 19

WTF Is Hard Fork Gaming?

In this episode we’re chatting with our new business partner at Hard Fork Gaming, Crypto Buffalo.

This is a wide-ranging conversation around Buff’s journey into crypto, the current state of crypto, NFT gaming, marketing in the crypto space, and much much more.

You’re really going to enjoy this high-energy conversation that revolves around what we’re trying to build with Hard Fork Gaming.

Some Topics We Discussed With Crypto Buffalo Include:

  • How Blockchain Space came to be
  • A history in video production
  • Traveling the country in an RV with Jason Moffatt
  • The genesis of Buff’s crypto enthusiasm
  • The big wins from metaverse land sales
  • The current state of play-to-earn gaming
  • The big marketing gaps that exist in crypto
  • How you can get involved right now
  • The reason Hard Fork Gaming exists
  • And much more!

References and Links Mentioned:

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